Definition of basket-of-gold in English:



  • A cultivated evergreen alyssum, with gray-green leaves and numerous small yellow flowers.

    Alyssum saxatile, family Brassicaceae

    ‘For instance, combine ‘Beauty of Apeldoorn’ tulip with basket-of-gold.’
    • ‘Avoid yellow basket-of-gold alyssum with pink tulips, and orange and flame azaleas near pink rhododendrons.’
    • ‘About eight inches in height and somewhat wider, basket-of-gold has a mat-forming growth habit.’
    • ‘Interplanted in the perennial beds which surround the large annual beds are planted 360 basket-of-gold, 810 cottage pinks and 432 foxglove, giving the perennial beds an early spring advantage while the traditional perennials catch up with the warmer weather.’
    • ‘The basket-flower has oblong leaves and rose-coloured, compact heads of disk… basket-of-gold (Aurinia, or Alyssum, saxatile), ornamental perennial plant, of the mustard family, with golden-yellow clusters of tiny flowers and gray-green foliage.’