Definition of basophilia in English:



  • 1A tendency to stain readily with a basic dye.

    ‘The hematoxylin-eosin-stained sections demonstrated spherical organisms of varying size with central basophilia located within the necrotic granuloma (Figure, A).’
    • ‘Hematoxylin-eosin-stained sections showed circular rings of light basophilia in many fibers.’
    • ‘Staining with basophilic dyes such as toluidine blue (or methylene blue) is known as basophilia.’
    • ‘Affinity for such dyes, is called basophilia.’
    • ‘This is illustrated by the search for basophilia, using the cationic dye toluidine blue, and the notion of metachromasia.’
  • 2A condition of the blood marked by the formation and accumulation of an excess of basophil cells.

    ‘Complete blood count at diagnosis revealed a total leukocyte count of 50 000 / L, with 94% neutrophils and without a middle bulge or basophilia, which is consistent with a leukemoid reaction.’
    • ‘Causes of basophilia, some of uncertain origin, are listed in Table 3.’
    • ‘One patient showed a typical blood picture for CML transformation, with leukocytosis, neutrophilic left shift with increased blasts, and basophilia.’
    • ‘Blood findings during blast transformation were heterogeneous, including normal blood morphologic findings in 1 patient, leukocytosis with circulating blasts and basophilia in 1, and marked pancytopenia in 1.’
    • ‘At 10 months of therapy, he was found to have mild leukocytosis with basophilia and circulating blasts in the blood examination.’



/ˌbāsəˈfilēə/ /ˌbeɪsəˈfɪliə/