Definition of basslet in English:



  • A small, brightly colored fish related to the sea basses.

    Genera Gramma and Lipogramma, family Grammidae: several species

    ‘Amid the coral and sponge branches you will find hamlets, basslets, parrotfish and moray eels.’
    • ‘Fish life is excellent, especially among smaller reef species - damsels, basslets and clownfish, tiny basslets and anthias in particular.’
    • ‘Of the very many different species of anthias and basslets, the lyre-tail anthias are probably the ones you notice most.’
    • ‘The blackcap basslet, a relative of the large species of groupers, uses its bulging eyes to find food while it scavenges on the coral reef.’
    • ‘We joined the swarming shoals of surgeon, basslet, butterfly fish, damsel fish, fusiliers and some bemused jack fish.’



/ˈbaslət/ /ˈbæslət/