Definición de basswood en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈbaswo͝od/ /ˈbæswʊd/


  • A North American linden tree, commonly planted along streets.

    Genus Tilia, family Tiliaceae: several species, in particular the large-leaved T. americana(also called American linden) of the northern US and Canada

    ‘Except for a few looming hemlocks, the forest is mostly hardwoods, and the light streams through the thinning tops of the taller oaks and basswoods.’
    • ‘Walnut trees can also grow in small groups or as scattered specimens mixed with American elm, hackberry, boxelder, sugar maple, green and white ash, basswood, red oak, and hickory.’
    • ‘In contrast, a bee-pollinated basswood can flower a month or more after the leaf buds have opened, when bee populations peak in late summer.’
    • ‘Sugar maples commonly share the forest with ironwood, beech, basswood, white ash, black cherry, yellow birch, white pine, and red oak.’
    • ‘The park is known for its magnificent hardwood forest of sugar maple, American elm, basswood, and aspen.’


Late 17th century from bass+ wood.