Definition of bath sponge in English:

bath sponge


  • A marine sponge of warm waters, the fibrous skeleton of which is used as a sponge for washing.

    Genera Spongia and Hippospongia, family Spongiidae

    ‘Sponges are everywhere: the Greek bath sponge, so dark we see them only when up close, and the verongia, golden-coloured sponges that grow to no more than 20 cm and are heavily concentrated on the rocky walls.’
    • ‘In other words, it was like a bath sponge which lets air or water pass from cell to cell.’
    • ‘Krystal ran her bath sponge over her body and started to sing along.’
    • ‘What you do is take a large bath sponge and securely fasten a stout piece of cord to it.’
    • ‘The Australian Institute of Marine Science has discovered more than 30 species of bath sponges in Torres Strait waters and is working to break into the lucrative global market.’


bath sponge

/baTH spənj/ /bæθ spəndʒ/