Definition of bathyal in English:



  • Relating to the zone of the sea between the continental shelf and the abyssal zone.

    • ‘In contrast, the many shale layers seem to be poor in macrofossils largely because they were deposited at depth below the photic zone (upper bathyal depth) as indicated by benthic foraminifera.’
    • ‘Wherever the Valle Group is exposed, it has been interpreted as a clastic, marine, sedimentary sequence that includes turbidite, submarine-fan complexes deposited in water depths ranging from outer neritic to bathyal.’
    • ‘After a short erosion interval, rapid subsidence started to produce contemporaneous neritic limestone and shallow bathyal marl again.’
    • ‘Historically they have radiated (divided into new species) in bathyal habitats (bottom-dwelling on the continental slope between 200 and 2000 m in depth) and cool-water coastal areas.’
    • ‘Their depositional environment varies from outer neritic to upper or middle bathyal.’