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nounplural noun batsmen

  • A player, especially in baseball and cricket, who is batting or whose chief skill is in batting.

    ‘On his day Brad is unquestionably one of the most attractive batsmen in Australian cricket.’
    • ‘He's not going to get wickets against the Aussie batsmen and he's not going to make any runs.’
    • ‘As a batsman or bowler any player has to accomplish certain things to be in the team.’
    • ‘I had plenty of faith in my bowlers to get the batsmen out without sledging them.’
    • ‘The lack of patience from their batsmen has often been the bane of Bangladesh's cricket team.’
    • ‘The Indians should target the first four batsmen and keep the pressure on the rest of the batting.’
    • ‘Over the last three years he's pretty much been the leading batsman in world cricket.’
    • ‘But the vote goes to Andy Flower, the best batsman of the lot and a fine wicketkeeper.’
    • ‘It was only at club and county level in England that he improved on his batting and became the batsman that he is today.’
    • ‘Inzy is a fine slip fielder and a substantial batsman, one of the world's best.’
    • ‘We got a lot out of that game as far as batsmen getting time in the middle and the bowlers having a good work-out.’
    • ‘What is good for cricket is that great bowlers should be allowed to bowl to great batsmen.’
    • ‘I have been working hard on my batting and I want to contribute not just as a bowler but also as a batsman.’
    • ‘Both are batsmen of skill and determination, and their reputations are at stake.’
    • ‘It's the first time a batsman has outscored the opposition in each innings of a match.’
    • ‘I used to rely on watching good batsmen and try and mould myself accordingly.’
    • ‘If you bowl outside the line, most batsmen, once they've picked the line, are not going to play.’
    • ‘It would be extremely unfair to start messing around with the batsmen after one game.’
    • ‘The batsmen are set for a less stressful few weeks, with Ponting encouraging them to put their feet up.’
    • ‘He swings the ball enough to trouble batsmen, but not enough to be a force when the pitch is slow and the ball is holding up.’



/ˈbatsmən/ /ˈbætsmən/