Definition of Battenberg in English:


(also Battenberg cake)


  • An oblong sponge cake covered with marzipan, with a square cross section quartered with two colours of sponge.

    mass noun ‘nurtured on tinned soup and Battenberg cake’
    • ‘Milligan's propensity for lying in bed and munching doughnuts or Battenberg cake while watching children's TV programmes, gives the game away, of course, and we have Farnes to thank for such insights.’
    • ‘In this pleasing setting, men in light suits wield umbrellas instead of swords, while Adriana, clad from head to foot in canary yellow, and Luciana, pretty in pink, look as innocent and pastel as Battenberg cake.’
    • ‘In 1999 we made nearly 36 million Mini Battenberg cakes!’


Named after the town of Battenberg in Germany.