Definition of batterie de cuisine in English:

batterie de cuisine


  • The apparatus or set of utensils for serving or preparing a meal.

    ‘the last word in attractive batterie de cuisine’
    • ‘a batterie de cuisine worthy of a good-size restaurant’
    • ‘But despite her ample gifts at the stove, she has one of the worst batterie de cuisine in New England.’
    • ‘Indeed, the world's greatest chefs have been coming here for their batteries de cuisine since 1820.’
    • ‘Our batterie de cuisine includes utilitarian products which are equally stunning alone or as part of a collection.’
    • ‘He peered at the professional kitchen, replete with indoor charcoal grill, restaurant stove, sixty linear feet of counter space, and a batterie de cuisine worthy of a good-sized restaurant.’
    • ‘Some of the copper batterie de cuisine is original, but it has been added to in recent years, while much of the pewter is engraved with the Hamilton crest.’
    • ‘Most people expect my batterie de cuisine to be composed of only high-end brands, but that couldn't be further from the truth.’
    • ‘That's why the best advice that can be dispensed at this time of year is to keep it simple - particularly for those of you who aren't on first-name terms with much of your batterie de cuisine.’
    • ‘Each chapter begins with the basics, detailing the batterie de cuisine (the tools, gadgets, and ingredients) and general troubleshooting for the chapter.’


batterie de cuisine

/baˌtrē də kwēˈzēn/ /bæˌtri də kwiˈzin/


French, ‘set of equipment for the kitchen’. The sense of ‘set’ developed from the original meaning of ‘collection of artillery equipment (for ‘beating’ the enemy)’; see also battery.