Definition of battlewagon in English:


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(also battle wagon)
  • A battleship or an armored vehicle.

    • ‘It allows the reader to follow the reformation process from a sail and ironclad naval service, through the times of large-caliber battlewagons, to the emergence of the carrier battle forces of World War II fame.’
    • ‘The first animal-drawn carts and battlewagons appeared in Mesopotamia around 4,700 years ago.’
    • ‘Calis had literally rebuilt the old battlewagon from the ground up, using what he had in the junkyard and blueprints that he had acquired some time ago.’
    • ‘Before 2500 BC, these states were capable of far-reaching campaigns employing phalanxes of drilled spearmen, ass-drawn battlewagons, and fortified garrison posts.’
    • ‘These heavily armoured battlewagons always produce action-packed racing at Wimbledon as the drivers push and barge their way to the front of the pack.’



/ˈbadlˌwaɡən/ /ˈbædlˌwæɡən/