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nounplural noun baud, plural noun bauds

Computing Telecommunications
  • A unit of transmission speed equal to the number of times a signal changes state per second. For one baud is equivalent to one bit per second.

    ‘This is our world now, the world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud.’
    • ‘The serial line initializes the serial port to the proper baud and settings.’
    • ‘Traditional GSM data access gives the user a maximum of 9600 baud over its radio coding scheme.’
    • ‘That mojo wire was a 300 baud acoustic coupler driving a TTY session.’
    • ‘The Land Mobile Radio system provides intermixed digital voice and data transmission over multiple 9,600 baud, half-duplex channels.’



/bôd/ /bɔd/


1930s coined in French from the name of Jean M. E. Baudot (1845–1903), French engineer who invented a telegraph printing system.