Definition of bazoom in English:


Pronunciation /bəˈzo͞om/ /bəˈzum/


vulgar slang North American
  • usually bazoomsA woman's breast.

    • ‘The program lets the subjects explain in their own words why they think their lives will improve once monster-sized Pamela Lee bazooms are stuffed into their chests.’
    • ‘To your eyes they are indistinguishable from the women in the Victoria's Secret store posters - they have the hair, the proportions, the attitude, the bazooms.’
    • ‘The producers eschewed originality in favor of booms and bazooms.’
    • ‘When the doctor returns, he's horrified to see the resulting cartoonishly huge bazooms.’
    chest, bosom, breasts


1950s probably an alteration of bosom.