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BB gun

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  • An air rifle that fires BBs.

    ‘She said: ‘Replica guns and BB guns, which fire ball-bearings, are part of an increasing gun culture.’’
    • ‘Thrill seekers who blasted a car dealership with BB guns came under fire from community leaders who are calling for the toy weapons to be outlawed.’
    • ‘He went to the door to speak to him and while he stood on the doorstep, some boys fired a BB gun at him.’
    • ‘In addition to conventional air weapons, which fire small lead pellets, ball-bearing or BB guns - which would also have to be licensed under the government's plans - have become a mounting problem.’
    • ‘Upon arriving home for Thanksgiving my Dad immediately brings out his spiffy new air rifle (a glorified BB gun really) and declares that he is currently stalking a rat that has begun to consume the bird seed.’
    • ‘As the editor of a magazine that has long defended gun rights, I feel obliged to make an embarrassing confession: I've never squeezed the trigger on anything more powerful than a BB gun - and even that only a few times.’
    • ‘It's then that he's at his most effective - like a 9-year-old at the arcade, delighting in mowing down his imaginary foes with his BB gun.’
    • ‘It's all fun and games until someone takes out a BB gun…’
    • ‘Someday, maybe I'll tell you the story about Grandma's vegetable garden, the hungry rabbit, and an ancient, underpowered BB gun.’
    • ‘Sure, I could shoot holes in paper with a BB gun, but I am not a criminal, and according to the laws of our great nation, I am allowed to own these rifles.’
    • ‘He tells me the porters upriver have bows and arrows and a BB gun but that these are strictly for hunting crocodiles and birds.’
    • ‘Incidents involving BB guns are now recorded with firearm offences for the first time - leading to a rise from 58 offences in 2001/02 to 97 in 2002 / 03.’
    • ‘Although BB guns are not currently covered by legislation, the user commits an offence if injury or damage is caused and the police will take appropriate action.’
    • ‘Police say the incident, which happened at 8.15 pm on Sunday, October 31, could have resulted in a much more serious injury and reiterated it is illegal to carry BB guns in public.’
    • ‘Experiences in jungle fighting motivated the U.S. Army to adopt modified Daisy BB guns to teach recruits the complexities of snap-shooting.’
    • ‘The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that kids under the age of 16 not use high-velocity BB guns or pellet guns.’
    • ‘Our BB guns became extensions of our psyches and ourselves.’
    • ‘‘We were going to mess around with some BB guns, somewhere out of the way where we wouldn't disturb anyone,’ he said.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, my father banged through the house and found my brother's other two BB guns and broke them in a similar fashion.’
    • ‘Incidentally, regular steel BBs of the kind commonly used in American BB guns should not be used in this pistol.’


BB gun

/ˈbēbē ˌɡən/ /ˈbibi ˌɡən/