Definition of BBM in English:



  • BlackBerry Messenger, an instant messaging application installed on BlackBerry mobile devices.

    ‘I bought the BlackBerry primarily because of BBM and because of email security.’
    • ‘But I get it because I know Blackberry people who cannot survive without their BBM.’
    • ‘A BlackBerry is not really useful to me without BBM and email.’
    • ‘They could support the Prime Minister's strategy by asking passing youths to log in to Facebook, Twitter and BBM.’
    • ‘Recently, I met up with this guy who I'd been communicating via phone and BBM for about two weeks.’
    • ‘I sent a picture I regret sending to someone on BBM and I don't want anyone to trace it back or find it.’
    • ‘I became so addicted to BBM I actually had to switch to an iPhone to end the madness.’
    • ‘Unlike social networks like Facebook and Twitter, messages sent through BBM cannot be traced back to the sender's phone.’
    • ‘We text all the time and we're always on BBM.’
    • ‘All my friends are on BBM, and refuse to try anything else.’

nounplural noun BBMs

  • An instant message that is sent or received using BlackBerry Messenger.

    ‘he just sent me a BBM to remind me’
    • ‘Does anyone know of a way to change the text color for BBMs?’
    • ‘One day I left my phone at home and was like "Ugh, I'm going to have so many BBMs and texts and missed calls when I get back."’
    • ‘I turned on my Blackberry and saw so many BBMs I have to read, but ignored it because probably it's not important stuff.’
    • ‘I checked my phone, Niall hadn't replied to my BBM.’
    • ‘Without a moment of hesitation, I take out my phone and begin furiously responding to all of my BBMs.’
    • ‘On my drive home I noticed there were two BBMs from him saying he enjoyed it and he hoped that I made it home safely.’
    • ‘My main issue is that there are times when I do not receive any messages, BBMs, texts, or emails.’
    • ‘I picked up my phone and had a slew of nasty BBMs from him saying I broke his heart.’
    • ‘My aunt sent me the cutest BBM.’
    • ‘A 15-year-old boy who likes a 15-year-old girl, sends her a BBM and is able to measure how important he is to her based on the speed of response.’

transitive verbtransitive verb BBMs, transitive verb BBMing, transitive verb BBM'd, transitive verb BBMed

[with object]
  • Send (someone) an instant message using BlackBerry Messenger.

    ‘I BBM him every once in a while’
    • ‘While inter-railing around Europe this summer I was able to 'BBM' my friends at home without worrying about running up a hefty phone bill.’
    • ‘We text, Twitter, and BBM each other all the time - calling's a bit expensive.’
    • ‘She was BBMing me about wanting to go to New York.’
    • ‘I just wanted to know if I am able to BBM someone in the States if I am from Canada?’
    • ‘Do you think I should BBM him again?’
    • ‘Someone just BBMd me asking to borrow my laptop.’
    • ‘This one friend BBMs me before every science exam to share woes about how badly we think it's going to go.’
    • ‘I'm constantly texting or BBMing random people I meet.’
    • ‘I managed to sleep in the room by myself for two nights, ordering room service and smoking cuban cigars and BBMing all of my friends back home.’
    • ‘If you need to bolt, BBM me, and I'll call you with an emergency.’


Early 21st century from the initial letters of BlackBerry Messenger, from BlackBerry, the proprietary name of the mobile devices on which the messaging application is installed (see BlackBerry).