Definition of be (or go) on the lash in English:

be (or go) on the lash


British informal
  • Be engaged in (or go on) a heavy drinking session.

    • ‘Too many estate agents on the lash, getting their photos taken for the social page.’
    • ‘It can only be a matter of time he goes on the lash with Hitchens.’
    • ‘It'll be some local youngster who's parents have given the money to have a good night on the lash.’
    • ‘I can't these days anyway, I am too well known to get away with just going out on the lash.’
    • ‘I was on the lash in a pub which, for some reason, didn't have a bloody telly in it!’
    • ‘He was out on the lash with a gang of workmates, boys from finance, getting the drinks in on the month's bonus.’
    • ‘Never mind, I thought, that means all the footballers will be in post-match relaxation mode and might be out on the lash.’
    • ‘Because drinks cost £ 5 or more and the city centre hasn't been taken over by anti-social neds on the lash from Happy Hour onwards.’
    • ‘So I thought, fine, I'll treat myself to a night out on the lash tonight.’
    • ‘Stop perpetuating the idea that young women out on the lash and dressed in next to nothing are asking for it.’