Definition of be a mass of in English:

be a mass of


  • Be completely covered with.

    ‘his face was a mass of bruises’
    • ‘For the longest time, the cover appeared to be a mass of abstract marks, then suddenly it came clear and two schooners at sea appeared out of the scratches.’
    • ‘Her hair is torn out, her face is a mass of bruises and her neck is almost as thick as that of a horse.’
    • ‘His shoulders, back, chest, and upper arms were a mass of bruises, some of them accompanied by bleeding scrapes and cuts.’
    • ‘It didn't help his composure any that her face and body were a mass of bruises, and her left arm was in a sling more for pain relief than support.’
    • ‘His head still throbbed and his entire body was a mass of scratches and bruises, but inside, he felt remarkably well.’
    • ‘He was a mass of bruises and crusted blood, but he was breathing.’
    • ‘They had kept him in jail for three nights and had beaten him so that his face was a mass of bruises.’
    • ‘His face was a mass of cuts and bruises and he looked as though he had been badly beaten.’
    • ‘The young woman's face was a mass of terrible scars and sores.’
    • ‘Her back was a mass of open wounds.’