Definition of be at someone's service in English:

be at someone's service


  • Be ready to assist someone whenever possible.

    ‘I'm at your service, day or night’
    • ‘Our staff is at your service for any further information you may require.’
    • ‘The members of her group were supposed to be at her service and not the other way around.’
    • ‘He had me stay at the house to be at Sammy 's service for the three weeks he was there, cooking whatever he dreamed of.’
    • ‘As soon as dinner is done, I will be at your service.’
    • ‘Well, Ann, I've been at his service for 40 years, and we've never been apart.’
    • ‘I continued to meet Mrs. Kennedy's conditions by being at her service at seven o'clock every morning, going to school every day, completing my chores in the afternoon, and never being caught doing anything illegal.’
    • ‘Let me register and sign, and whenever you want I'll be at your service.’