Definition of be fresh out of in English:

be fresh out of


  • Have just sold or run out of a supply of (something)

    • ‘we're fresh out of Stilton’
    • ‘It's possible that he is fresh out of constructive ideas on this subject.’
    • ‘But after taking a long look at the suspect's eyes and not seeing much spark there, he apologetically explained that he was fresh out of bucks in the till, and would have to go and get some more.’
    • ‘He was fresh out of ideas, and his next move could be checkmate.’
    • ‘The only problem with that was Peter was fresh out of inspiration.’
    • ‘Or you may be fresh out of layout ideas and may glean some inspiration by starting with a basic page.’
    • ‘If you had to check your camera, you likely would have been fresh out of luck on that trip.’
    be without, have need of, be in need of, need, be lacking, require, want, feel the want of, be short of, be deficient in, stand in need of, go without, be bereft of, be deprived of, be low on, be pressed for, not have enough of, be devoid of, have insufficient, cry out for