Definition of be in someone's debt in English:

be in someone's debt

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  • Owe gratitude to someone for a service or favor.

    ‘God bless you—I am forever in your debt’
    • ‘If you know of any, drop me a line and I'll be in your debt forever.’
    • ‘Steve's contribution to date has been immense and is one for which the club and all associated with it will forever be in his debt.’
    • ‘I have never really had friends like your cousin and you and I will forever be in your debt.’
    • ‘Everyone at the college is in his debt and thank him most sincerely.’
    • ‘You are a national treasure and I will always be in your debt.’
    • ‘The continued support of this group of people over the years has made this a wonderful and memorable event and the soccer club will always be in your debt.’
    • ‘But we will always be in his debt for lyrics like these.’
    • ‘It was as if since Luke had saved her life, she felt like she was in his debt.’
    • ‘It should come as no surprise then that if the leader is able to secure a majority mandate, the party is in his debt, and not the other way around.’
    • ‘He knows I would hate being in his debt, and I'll bet that he's enjoying every minute of it.’
    indebted to, beholden to, obliged to, duty-bound to, honour-bound to, obligated to, under an obligation to, owing someone a debt of gratitude, owing someone thanks