Definition of be late to the party in English:

be late to the party


(also come late to the party)
  • Become aware of or get involved in something long after others.

    • ‘I didn't get into Nirvana until after MTV Unplugged came out—I'm always late to the party’
    • ‘though they have come late to the party, their cloud storage solution seems to be catching up’
    • ‘Once again, popular journalism is late to the party.’
    • ‘The computer giant is seeking to play catch-up in a market where it admits it has been late to the party.’
    • ‘In fact, they are late to the party for dual-core processors.’
    • ‘Larry came late to the party, so he didn't see the genesis of these policies and practices.’
    • ‘Always late to the party but sure it's a good one when I get there, I've done two things I should have done a while ago.’
    • ‘Coming late to the party doesn't mean settling for leftovers.’
    • ‘I was late to the party and I missed the first five years of Mitch's work, but he's been a key influence to this feature for the last four years.’
    • ‘I came late to the party; this film is the last anyone will get to see of Inspector Morse.’
    • ‘Never one to come late to the party, the company has finally joined the other throngs in the wireless market.’
    • ‘It's a good idea, but the manufacturer has come late to the party.’