Definition of be light on in English:

be light on


  • Be rather short of.

    ‘light on hard news’
    • ‘I've complained before about movies being light on plot, but this one is absolutely plot-free.’
    • ‘Such civil litigation is labour intensive, and like all capital defence offices, we were light on labour.’
    • ‘He has been light on policy while exhorting voters to abandon the stale battle between right and left.’
    • ‘The novel is light on the amount of dialogue, but very lyrical and poetic.’
    • ‘News of the hacker's exploit this morning has been light on details.’
    • ‘He did 32 very fine films for Columbia which were light on song and heavy with drama.’
    • ‘I remember the letters were light on news about his military life and more focused on her.’
    • ‘In reality, the session was light on content, and relatively few major bills were passed.’
    • ‘Though the talk was light on actual development details, the fact remains that Nom 2 is one hell of a crazy game.’
    • ‘I apologize we were light on the show notes, a bit light on the content, and there were no technical segments.’