Definition of be money in the bank in English:

be money in the bank


  • Be a guaranteed success, especially in the sports or entertainment industry.

    ‘Roy was money in the bank come playoff time’
    • ‘The film that should prove to be money in the bank’
    • ‘All told, Craig seems like a good bet; money in the bank.’
    • ‘Regardless of the weather conditions or situation, Vinatieri is money in the bank.’
    • ‘Money in the bank he said, rubbing the hands together.’
    • ‘Either way, for the snakehead it's money in the bank.’
    • ‘This is money in the bank for the defense contractors that rely on the Pentagon gravy train.’
    • ‘But if there was ever an athlete who was " money in the bank ", it's the Prince of St. Louis.’
    • ‘It's gold, it's money in the bank - it almost seems planned.’
    • ‘Let me tell you, it works like a charm and as far as I'm concerned, it's money in the bank.’
    • ‘"From a professional perspective, it looks to me like money in the bank," he says.’
    • ‘Is it money in the bank or a brick?’