Definition of be not having any in English:

be not having any


(also be not having any of it)
  • Be unwilling to cooperate.

    • ‘I tried to make polite conversation, but he wasn't having any’
    • ‘Lucy and Misty were fine all taking their tablets between two pieces of ham, but when it came to Eric he was not having any of it and the tablet rolled away.’
    • ‘Anthony apologized, but she was not having any of it.’
    • ‘He demanded money from the shopkeeper, who bravely picked up a piece of metal and told him he was not having any.’
    • ‘Christie is not having any of it: ‘I hear that all the time, but I'm not the slightest bit alarmed on the road.’’
    • ‘My wife however, is not having any of it.’
    • ‘They must have seen its phony optimism plain, and, after four years of war, were not having any.’
    • ‘However, the girl was not having any of it she grabbed hold of Calsy's face and forced him to look at her.’