Definition of be one's own person in English:

be one's own person


  • Do or be what one wishes or in accordance with one's own character rather than as influenced by others.

    ‘she certainly did not live in the shadow of John; she was her own person’
    • ‘Certainly, he is his own person, possessing a rather unique personality.’
    • ‘I hadn't taken anyone's money to write anything, so I was my own person.’
    • ‘He was no angel, but he was his own person and wasn't involved with gangs.’
    • ‘Harold is his own person, and he's going to do a terrific job tonight.’
    • ‘He encouraged you to be your own person, be who you want to be.’
    • ‘Now with my album I'm able to be my own person and show me and all my songs.’
    • ‘I think he'll be his own person, and he'll form his own legacy.’
    • ‘He's gone to great lengths this year to be his own person, not to be his father's son.’
    • ‘I think the woman should continue to be her own person, because that's what I was attracted to in the beginning.’
    • ‘I thought that you were your own person, you didn't care what other people think!’