Definition of be someone's doing in English:

be someone's doing


  • Be the creation or fault of the person named.

    ‘he looked at Lisa as though it was all her doing’
    • ‘Carving them had been her brilliant idea, but the practical aspect as well as the definite creation had been my doing.’
    • ‘I know you are wondering why your middle name is Sophie and you were told that was Julian's doing.’
    • ‘The second and third times were her doing, so I can hardly regret those.’
    • ‘If the problem was your doing, then ask yourself what you can learn from it and move on.’
    • ‘For a few minutes afterward, I couldn't decipher if the bed shaking was my doing, or if they were aftershocks.’
    • ‘He hates to see you blue, and he'd hate it even more if he thought it was his doing.’
    • ‘I have been in prison and been bankrupt but that is my doing, not the country's.’
    • ‘This has in no way been our doing either directly or indirectly.’
    • ‘She looked around the basement and knew the decorations were Christine's doing.’
    • ‘‘I suppose it was your doing,’ she observed; ‘it's a harmless piece of lunacy, but people would think you dreadfully silly if they knew of it.’’