Definition of be someone's man in English:

be someone's man


(also be the man)
  • Be the man perfectly suited to a particular requirement or task.

    ‘if it's war you want, I'm your man’
    • ‘for any coloring and perming services, David's your man’
    • ‘Ladies, if you are looking for Mr. Perfect, Todd is your man.’
    • ‘If you were looking for a striker to play down the middle then Alan was your man.’
    • ‘If we ever needed any ‘unusual pharmaceutical products,’ then he was our man.’
    • ‘If you're into classic sounds, DJ Smoking is your man.’
    • ‘Not an easy album to listen to, but when insomnia gets the best of you and you need something gentle but thought-provoking at 3am, Will Oldham is your man.’
    • ‘If you need a fine writer and editor, Steve is your man.’
    • ‘If Westlife ever need a substitute member, John is your man!’
    • ‘He has three university degrees under his belt and whether you have a question about money, God or literature, Griffiths is your man.’
    • ‘In short, if you want a champion for a distressed building or threatened institution, Rhys Jones is your man.’
    • ‘If you fancy the idea of walking in Botswana with a group of elephants, then Gavin Ford is your man.’