Definition of be thrown back on in English:

be thrown back on


  • Be forced to rely on (something) because there is no alternative.

    ‘we are once again thrown back on the resources of our imagination’
    • ‘‘Since the experts cancelled each other out, I was thrown back on my own resources to weigh the different arguments and decide for myself,’ he said in one interview.’
    • ‘What this means is that there's not a lot of colour to the work, whatever musical pleasures appear are swiftly truncated and the audience is thrown back on the text.’
    • ‘It's not easy being thrown back on the dole again, and I don't know what I'm going to do.’
    • ‘We have therefore been thrown back on an increasingly narrow set of sources: essentially the police and the intelligence services.’
    • ‘Cut off from other playmates, these children were thrown back on their siblings and their own resources for diversion, at least until school brought them together with other, age- and class-appropriate children.’
    • ‘The criminal subculture was completely destroyed and the prisoner was thrown back on his own conscience to feel guilt, repent, and reform.’
    • ‘Without Cashman, though, George is thrown back on his own instincts.’
    • ‘So this always resourceful composer has been thrown back on his own devices, and, I would say, he has been pretty successful.’
    • ‘And so you may be thrown back on a so-called deist God, a God who simply started the ball rolling billions of years ago.’
    • ‘In this they will in a sense be thrown back on their own moral resources.’