Definition of bear a relationship to in English:

bear a relationship to


(also bear a relation to)
  • with negative Be logically consistent with.

    ‘the map didn't seem to bear any relationship to the roads’
    • ‘In fact, very little of what happens in Dreamer bears a relationship to something that happened in real life, so the ‘true story’ part of the equation is a red herring.’
    • ‘All lost weight, but the amount of weight lost bore no relation to whether participants were on a diet or not.’
    • ‘At various points in his book, he declares himself incensed by the presumption that the Iris by his side is not Iris, but a generic Alzheimer's sufferer who bears no real relation to that entity.’
    • ‘But the tax bore no relation to ability to pay; within a locality every adult was charged the same amount, although millions of poor people got rebates.’
    • ‘But, in women, their sleep patterns didn't seem to bear a relationship to whether or not they got diabetes.’