Definition of bear with in English:

bear with

phrasal verb

  • Be patient or tolerant with.

    ‘bear with me a moment while I make a phone call’
    • ‘At least till then, the Usilampatti hospital patients may have to bear with the bread.’
    • ‘Be completely humble and gentle; be patient bearing with one another in love.’
    • ‘He begins to suffer from confusion, which he bears with great patience and the most moving anxiety.’
    • ‘Mr Proctor said: ‘Not only would we like to praise the commitment and dedication of all our hospital staff during this difficult period, but we would also like to thank our patients, their families and friends for bearing with us.’’
    • ‘Thank you for your patience in bearing with me this far.’
    • ‘He has suffered a very long illness which he bore with resignation and courage.’
    • ‘The death took place on Monday, May 16, of Tommy Staunton, Sraheen following a long illness which he bore with great dignity and acceptance under the loving care of his wife Bridie and family.’
    • ‘For the next 48 hours, she bore with my frettings.’
    • ‘She passed to her eternal reward on Wednesday, 14th Aug., after a long illness which she bore with great strength and dignity.’
    • ‘Gerry died after a long illness which he bore with great courage.’
    • ‘So she doubtless bore with some equanimity the news that Mr Smith has also been freed up to spend more time with his Munros.’
    • ‘The VIP tickets rocked, and I'd like to thank my wife for bearing with me while I pointed out every other journalist, colleague and showbiz I knew over the 8 hours we were there, stretched out having a picnic in front of 190,000 other people.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The project is progressing well and motorists are being very co-operative. We want to thank them and members of the public for the way they have been bearing with us in this immensely interesting time for the city.’’
    • ‘We are grateful to people for bearing with us as we did the repairs.’
    • ‘The unprecedented scale of the bar's popularity even took us by surprise and I thank all our trade customers for bearing with us while supply caught up with demand.’
    • ‘Mr Gavin said: ‘We would like to thank staff, parents and pupils, and the community education service, for bearing with us during this time’’
    • ‘I'd like to thank local residents for bearing with us and for supporting recycling so enthusiastically.’
    • ‘The old rationale for bearing with mere authoritarians has crumbled away with the passing of the expansionist Marxist-Leninist totalitarians.’
    • ‘Thank you for bearing with us, Mr Virdi, while we considered your reaction to Sir Anthony's brief statement.’
    • ‘Please bear with me, as I spend most of the brief time left making my case, not rebutting yours.’
    be patient with, show forbearance towards, make allowances for, tolerate, put up with, endure, suffer
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