Definition of beardy in English:


(also beardie)

adjectivebeardier, beardiest

informal, derogatory
  • (of a man) having a beard.

    ‘in the year of beardy hipsters, he looks nearly a decade out of fashion’
    • ‘In the 6th Century, a big beardy, Anglo Saxon man founded a little village on the River Trent.’
    • ‘"I'm not a green, beardy, self-congratulatory environmental campaigner," he says.’
    • ‘The stereotype of the beardy academic, dressed in ill-fitting corduroy and locked away in his ivory tower, endures.’
    • ‘It's not just silly old beardy blokes who make drunken fools of themselves on telly.’
    • ‘He was a big, beardy chap who looked like nothing so much as the leader of a doomsday cult.’
    • ‘The beardy drivers always waved at me, and I always waved back.’
    • ‘For a beardy git, he knows how to wade his ways through the ladies.’
    • ‘One beardy man has been honoured with two statues.’
    • ‘She's not got the £120,000 spare to buy the house in the catchment area full of beardy professors and their families.’
    • ‘At this point, our beardy scientist and his big fish cronies are left to their own devices.’


  • 1British informal, derogatory A bearded man, especially one regarded as lacking in style.

    ‘the cartoons show him as a mad beardie’
    • ‘Real ale is not all about beardies with sandals.’
    • ‘Poets were pop stars, now they're weird beardies in bondage to an ancient craft that nobody deigns to understand.’
    • ‘So the smooth ones, not the beardies, are those who decided to do something other than accept nature's default condition.’
    • ‘This is hardly surprising because these are qualities despised by most of the Guardian-reading beardies who make up the university teaching departments.’
    • ‘A union boss who was sent home without pay in a row over his ‘goatee’ has won support from the nation's beardies.’
    • ‘Heading the list of acceptable prejudices is that against middle-aged, long-haired beardies.’
    • ‘The beardie who wrote the article proudly displays the card of an FBI investigator.’
    • ‘This would have the Houston beardies in raptures.’
    • ‘The project will please a handful of beardies whose main love is for rocks in the middle of nowhere.’
    • ‘The beardies in their bunkers are not the best targets.’
  • 2informal A bearded collie.

    ‘expect to be greeted with a bounce when you meet a beardie’
    • ‘Beardies also love to race around and play with each other and other dogs and will often appear very overpowering.’
    • ‘Lean and active, Beardies are strongly made and cover the ground with the minimum of effort.’
    • ‘The Bearded Collie or beardie is the traditional dog of the Scottish shepherd, but was used to herd both sheep and cattle.’
    • ‘Beardies are a loyal dog, though they love all other people, nothing can compare to their human family.’
    • ‘In the thick undergrowth of the Scottish hills the Beardie would control stubborn ewes by bouncing and barking in front of them.’