Definition of beater bar in English:

beater bar


  • The rotating-brush unit within the powerhead of a vacuum cleaner.

    ‘Make sure the beater bar comes in contact with the carpet but not so much as to slow down the motor.’
    • ‘Regular use of a vacuum with a beater bar in high traffic areas may help reduce changes in appearance.’
    • ‘Do not run the beater bar over the fringe because part of the fringe may get caught and be pulled out.’
    • ‘Vacuums with beater bars should be used for carpet installed over pad, or with attached cushions.’
    • ‘In both cases, the vacuum's motor and the beater bar are controlled by a switch on the hose grip.’
    • ‘Raise the beater bar above the rug to just barely skim the fibers of the rug, otherwise pilling may occur.’
    • ‘A dual-motor vacuum, utilizing one motor to operate the beater bar and one for the vacuum, is most efficient.’
    • ‘Vacuum cleaner beater bars are notorious for becoming tangled with strings and long hairs.’
    • ‘Cut pile carpet should be vacuumed with beater bars, as they will revitalize the carpet and reduce felting.’
    • ‘Change the bags often and check the beater bars for burs and gouges so as not to damage the surface of the carpet.’
    • ‘If the beater bar of your vacuum slows down noticeably on the rug, raise the height of the vacuum/beater bar.’
    • ‘You should use either a suction only vacuum or one that is adjustable enough to keep the brushes or beater bars away from the carpet.’
    • ‘It's best not to use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar in this area of the rug to avoid the possibility of catching the fringe in the cleaner.’
    • ‘This brought on the introduction of beater bars on upright vacuum cleaners.’
    • ‘Encased beneath the plastic are beater bars meant to shake loose the dirt, but which, according to Yvette, actually pound it in deeper and destroy the carpet fibers.’
    • ‘This setting should allow the beater bars and brushes to get at the pile, dislodging the soil so that it may be lifted from the carpet.’
    • ‘Please note that loop pile carpets should be cleaned with the suction head only as beater bars may catch the fibres giving the carpet a hairy appearance.’
    • ‘Suction vacuums work well with loop pile construction, as the rotating brush and beater bars may cause some fuzzing of the yarn.’
    • ‘The robot utilises twin counter rotating beater bars to raise the dirt from the surface, combined with ‘bag less’ high suction to achieve great cleaning results.’
    • ‘Do not put the beater bar so low that the rug edges are damaged.’