Definition of Beatles in English:


proper noun

  • 1A pop and rock group from Liverpool consisting of George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr. Remembered for the quality and stylistic diversity of their songs (mostly written by Lennon and McCartney), they achieved success with their first single ‘Love Me Do’ (1962) and went on to produce albums such as Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967).

    1. 1.1as modifier BeatleCharacteristic of the Beatles.
      ‘a Beatle jacket’
      • ‘‘And the wonderful thing about it is that there are no Beatle photographs in the collection,’ he says.’
      • ‘She said she decided to donate the memorabilia because ‘Clinton is the Beatle president’.’
      • ‘Keen to avoid the Beatle mania that followed him throughout his life, Harrison decided that his death would be private.’
      • ‘This brought this sparky response from self-described Beatle maniac Wendy Leathley of Haxby.’
      • ‘The house contained a mass of Beatle memorabilia, including records, dolls and pictures.’
      • ‘While packaged for the spiky-haired, dog-collared set, this comp will be far more at home with those given to Beatle boots and bowlcuts.’
      • ‘Take the next five or six late-night hours and spend them singing, gyrating, drumming, and sweating under a polyester Beatle wig.’
      • ‘But every Mersey cadence as enunciated by George was music, Beatle music, to American ears.’
      • ‘For decades, I've been groaning about the outdated Beatle haircuts worn by aging Baby Boomers.’
      • ‘Thousands upon thousands of Beatle maniacs turned out for Paul McCartney's sold-out RDS gig.’
      • ‘Most young people today are as fuzzy on Beatle IDs as reporters were that February 64 weekend.’
      • ‘From huge fans to Beatle novices, the magical mystery tour of locations relating to the band takes you all around the city from the Cavern Club to Penny Lane.’
      • ‘How good the chances are of taking a trip to Value Village and finding a nice pair of size 17 Beatle boots: Not very good at all.’
      • ‘Get out your go-go or Beatle boots: it's post-painterly abstraction time at the AGO.’
      • ‘John was the foundation upon which the others could build their various Beatle personalities.’
      • ‘Yesterday my band played another show in our Beatle wigs and fake English accents, at the Hotel Vancouver.’
      • ‘There are at least three or four different Beatle albums that you could argue were the greatest.’
      • ‘All of the songs in the film are classic bits of Beatle pop, the template for literally hundreds of tunes and countless bands to follow.’
      • ‘Good as these last two albums were, they lack the definition of Beatle records.’
      • ‘Apparently Jennie was a promising ballerina and pianist until she became possessed by Beatle mania.’