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transitive verbtransitive verb beautifies, transitive verb beautifying, transitive verb beautified

[with object]
  • Improve the appearance of.

    ‘another initiative to beautify the environment’
    • ‘Lawns, shrubs and decks require periodic treatment to beautify their appearance and enhance the beauty and value of your home.’
    • ‘The Japanese donation will support a Kathmandu Metropolitan City project to improve the environment and beautify the site.’
    • ‘The hundreds of chemicals used by farmers to control pests, improve production and beautify fruit and vegetables leave residues that end up on our tables.’
    • ‘Beauty salons are polluting the water as they beautify people's appearance.’
    • ‘Experts have criticized this practice and said the ‘chop-head trees’ looked ugly and had little effect in beautifying the environment.’
    • ‘Druh Farrell, are working to reframe the project into an urban renewal by improving pedestrian access and beautifying the street.’
    • ‘This was also the man who accompanied the camp commandant to a children's home which was carefully beautified and decorated for the benefit of the delegation by drawings on the usually bare walls.’
    • ‘Billions of rupiah have been spent to beautify the National Monument Park and improve sidewalks in the center of town.’
    • ‘Only a few short years ago this handsome Boucherville buck was working as a welder, building the structures that hold all that cute billboard advertising you see beautifying our city and its surrounding highways.’
    • ‘The Beautifying Association has been hard at work beautifying the town centre with paving and plantings and developing McLean Park where you could stop for a picnic under the beautiful trees.’
    • ‘The head of the IOC recently suggested that the Greeks stop worrying about beautifying the city and concentrate on completing the big construction and transport projects.’
    • ‘Its effort is particularly laudable, for it is aimed at conserving nature as also beautifying the city, without disturbing the natural surroundings.’
    • ‘City folks are eagerly awaiting the proposed project to beautify the Putherikandam maidan adjacent to the Gandhi Park, which will add to the beauty of the Fort area.’
    • ‘He was angry over the idea of Vermont spending $50,000 on rock chipping to beautify a stone formation after a road was cut through it.’
    • ‘The British brought in gardeners from the Kew Gardens to help beautify the layout, and added the Glass House, based on the Crystal Palace, London.’
    • ‘Other cities such as Kitwe, Ndola and Livingstone would automatically follow suit and subsequently also beautify their territories too.’
    • ‘Regardless of what these paintings represent, they are almost always intended to beautify their site or the surrounding area.’
    • ‘For instance some people believe shoes and sandals remain unnoticed or that they are the last option required to beautify one's looks.’
    • ‘Cosmetics companies pay a lot of attention to developing products to beautify eyes, such as mascara, eye shadow, eye liner and eyecare creams.’
    • ‘While the cleanliness of the parks has been raised to the highest level for the Habba, special plants are being used to beautify the entrances and stage areas.’
    adorn, embellish, enhance, decorate, ornament, garnish, gild, smarten, prettify, enrich, glamorize, spruce up, deck, deck out, trick out, grace
    prettify, glamorize, prink, primp, preen
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/ˈbyo͞odəˌfī/ /ˈbjudəˌfaɪ/