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bed linen

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  • Sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers.

    ‘At 54, creature comforts for Stevie Nicks comprise her own bedlinen, her favourite pillow and a much-loved green armchair, but sadly not her Yorkie, Sara Belladonna, named after two big Nicks hits.’
    • ‘Every room is themed to a wine producer and features ‘deluge’ showers, luxurious towels, Egyptian cotton bedlinen adorning vast beds, DVD players and tasteful neutral decor.’
    • ‘Clothes, bedlinen, towels, curtains and shoes will be most welcome and will be sent to a poor area in Kenya, Africa.’
    • ‘All types of clothing, shoes and bedlinen needed.’
    • ‘Though it has no porthole and is cramped and airless, it is comfortable, with clean white bedlinen, table reading lamps and the inevitable Chinese thermos flasks.’
    • ‘I found plenty of temptation, with anything from lavender hand-cream and everything to do with olives to designer bedlinen and dainty shoes on offer.’
    • ‘The bedlinen in the main bedroom could be changed to co-ordinate with the rest of the colour scheme - at the moment it is a bit of a clash.’
    • ‘And I've stocked up on new bedlinen because well, most of the old stuff is too small.’
    • ‘Give it a few months and you'll have your very own airing cupboard full of neatly folded bedlinen.’
    • ‘There is an impressive selection of children's furniture and Gustavian French farmhouse-style furniture, as well as a contemporary range of bedlinen, throws and leather and feather cushions.’
    • ‘Bursts of colour and personality can be added via furnishings, bedlinen and accessories such as mobiles and wall hangings.’
    • ‘The summer sales have begun with discounts available on everything from furniture to bedlinen to the latest fashion items.’
    • ‘All the bedlinen and cooking utensils are provided, so all you have got to do is buy the food and cook it.’
    • ‘That the bedlinen had not been changed since previous occupants departed was substantiated by incontrovertible evidence beneath our pillows.’


bed linen

/bed ˈlinin/ /bɛd ˈlɪnɪn/