Definition of bedroom community in English:

bedroom community

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mainly North American
  • A residential suburb inhabited largely by people who commute to a nearby city for work.

    ‘a bedroom community outside of Los Angeles’
    • ‘Mountain Brook is really just a closet - a bedroom community of Birmingham.’
    • ‘Ballerup, a bedroom community near the capital, provided a perfect laboratory.’
    • ‘Town leaders were frustrated that Evanston was becoming a bedroom community for Chicago.’
    • ‘Awash in rental houses, "it was a bedroom community for the University of Washington."’
    • ‘About an hour's drive from the Roseau River reserve, Ste Anne is a Winnipeg bedroom community with a population of just over 1,500.’
    • ‘Each community should have enough jobs for the people who live there (as opposed to moving between bedroom community and city core).’
    • ‘Such a view defined the suburb as an economically dependent, homogeneous, racially exclusive, manicured bedroom community focused on the family.’
    • ‘Tulum began to serve as a bedroom community for surrounding resorts' immigrant workers.’
    • ‘When small towns and villages become bedroom communities their economic vitality erodes.’
    • ‘Art from this era depicts the development of suburban bedroom communities and freeways.’
    • ‘Many of these newly developed bedroom communities were good places to sack out, but there was no there, there.’