Definition of bee-stung in English:



informal attributive
  • (of a woman's lips) full, red, and pouting.

    • ‘Button nose; lots of freckles; and full, bee-stung lips.’
    • ‘Leading lady Audie England is an unusually beautiful woman with a broad face, bee-stung lips, and a face full of intriguing planes and angles.’
    • ‘Her bee-stung lips and deep-swimming-pool eyes have been the subject of many a fulsome tribute from fans.’
    • ‘It is a confident gesture worthy of a fashion shoot; in another life, with her bee-stung lips and her self-possession, Joséphine might have been a model.’
    • ‘No fading starlets with bee-stung lips or frozen foreheads - the physical flaws affecting these patients are much more dramatic.’
    • ‘As honest about her father as she is about any other aspect of her life, it might be this openness, as much as her famous bee-stung lips, that has boosted her status as a sex symbol.’
    • ‘The article begins, ‘The pouty bee-stung lips.’’
    • ‘Once, Bert almost tripped over Sam, spinning around to admire a passing woman melted into tight turquoise toreador pants, a jeweled white sweater, and heavy make-up, including bee-stung lips covered with pale, nearly white lipstick.’
    • ‘Today, though, she's on the school run, so she's in jeans, boots with toes as pointed as her sentences, and an orange sweatshirt that clashes spectacularly with her bee-stung, blood-red lips and pale, powdered skin.’
    • ‘Both promise to deliver a perfectly bee-stung pout - and thankfully, there's not a needle in sight.’



/ˈbēstəNG/ /ˈbistəŋ/