Definition of beef tea in English:

beef tea


  • A drink made from stewed extract of beef, used as nourishment for invalids.

    ‘The previous winter over 5,000 visits were paid to the sick poor of York, food and clothing being taken every time, the food consisting of beef tea, milk puddings, gruel, milk, jellies, etc.’
    • ‘McGee writes well and in detail on this, and on 19th-century preoccupations with meat extracts, which affected attitudes to beef and provoked much activity in Britain in making ‘beef tea’, and in the production of items such as Oxo.’
    • ‘If you like a woman that is soft and gentle and cooks for you and makes chicken broth and beef tea and has your slippers ready when you walk in the front door and is there for you 100 percent, she could be it.’
    • ‘At half-time lots of fans enjoyed a swig or two of the hot ‘beef tea’ to warm themselves up ready for the players coming back out for the 2nd half of the game.’
    • ‘Beef-tea is always better when made the day before it is wanted, and then warmed up.’


beef tea

/ˈbēf ˈtē/ /ˈbif ˈti/