Definition of beestings in English:


plural noun

(also beastings)
treated as singular
  • The first milk produced by a cow or goat after giving birth.

    ‘Yellow beestings mixed with milk are poured in an animal's stomach or gut and boiled with meat.’
    • ‘Very high in protein, beestings is used in Spain for the production of Armada, a strong, semi-firm cheese.’
    • ‘Add 2 parts beestings to 1 part water and stir over a fire or stove until it thickens.’
    • ‘One recipe featuring beestings calls for you to leave the kitchen, go to the cow shed and milk the beestings directly into the bowl!’
    • ‘Preferably, the selected cow is a cow, which recently has given birth to a calf, and thus produces beestings.’



/ˈbēstiNGz/ /ˈbistɪŋz/


Old English bȳsting, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch biest and German Biest(milch).