Definition of beet leafhopper in English:

beet leafhopper


  • A North American leafhopper found west of the Mississippi River and considered a serious pest to beets and members of the gourd family. It is a principal carrier of the virus that causes curly top.

    Circulifer tenellus, family Cicadellidae

    ‘They also serve as shelter and food for the beet leafhopper that carries the virus from plant to plant.’
    • ‘Results of the present study prove that the beet leafhopper is a vector of the potato purple top disease.’
    • ‘This is because the beet leafhoppers migrate long distances and don't reproduce in the garden.’
    • ‘The beet leafhopper avoids dense plants, thus densely planted fields are less attractive to this insect.’
    • ‘Standardized collection methods must be used to accurately monitor beet leafhopper populations and determine sources of virus.’
    • ‘The beet leafhopper is an introduced pest and migratory by nature.’
    • ‘Once the weeds died, beet leafhoppers went in search of other hosts.’
    • ‘Given their size, beet leafhoppers are very hard to detect, but there are things you can do to limit their contact with your plants and thus prevent the spread of the disease.’
    • ‘The disease is incurable and is spread by beet leafhoppers, so it is vitally important that the garden be thoroughly cleaned each fall with all crops removed and composted.’
    • ‘The beet leafhopper is the only important vector of curly top.’
    • ‘The disease was then already recognized as a virus transmitted by the beet leafhopper.’
    • ‘We go out and collect insects in a horseradish field, looking for beet leafhoppers.’
    • ‘This virus is transmitted only by beet leafhoppers.’