Definition of beetling in English:



  • (of a rock or a person's eyebrows) projecting or overhanging.

    ‘piercing eyes glittered beneath a great beetling brow’
    • ‘The house itself is built upon a lot of greensward which runs down amid some great, beetling rocks.’
    • ‘To their (very small, admittedly) credit, they told me what had happened when, with beetling eyebrows and pursed lips, I enquired.’
    • ‘No beetling precipice, of which she ever heard, had fallen and crushed so much as the sheep feeding in the valleys.’
    • ‘The beetling cliff falls sheerly to the seething sea beneath.’
    • ‘Encouraged by the romantic writers of the nineteenth century, we too find in the life of castle, cathedral, and beetling hilltop towns a poetic refuge from an industrialized world.’
    • ‘The examiner was a Dr Bull, an elderly (or so he seemed to me) anatomy lecturer of rather Victorian appearance, with mutton chop whiskers and beetling eyebrows.’
    • ‘Grain by grain, the vast foundations, the beetling escarpments, the high domes in air are crumbled away and drifted into the valleys.’
    • ‘If the prime minister is searching for a cause, here it is, in front of his beetling brow most days of the week.’
    • ‘Despite the constant messages we all get that women like brawny, beetling browed men covered in muscles, most women can tell you that the musclebound weightlifter isn't their style.’
    • ‘The walk up the ramp from Waverley Station reveals on the left the beetling houses and gothic towers of the Old Town, clinging to the sides of the Castle rock.’
    • ‘Beetling brow, well defined nose, thin pursed lips and long ear lobes characterize the face.’
    • ‘With his massive build, black beetling eyebrows and perma-frown he resembles a pantomime baddie.’
    • ‘He thinks that Gaulish skulls were round, with beetling brows.’