Definition of befool in English:



[with object]archaic
  • Make a fool of.

    ‘you befooled me on your first trip’
    • ‘We know there is no sincerity either from opposition or the ruling alliance to end the criminalization of politics here, they are just fighting political battles and befooling the nation.’
    • ‘It befooled the Hindu community by raking up the temple issue and then started dancing to the tune of the central government to get close to power, he alleged.’
    • ‘Let none be befooled by falling into the trap of overlooking the ultimate causes and harping solely on immediate causes.’
    • ‘Whatever little contact they establish in the remote areas the villagers befool them by telling one thing and doing another.’
    • ‘Tragic indeed, People were once again befooled, but this time by their own men.’
    deceive, trick, dupe, outwit, fool, delude, cheat, take in, bluff, hoax, mislead, misguide, lead on, defraud, double-cross, swindle, gull, finagle, get the better of