Definition of beg to differ in English:

beg to differ


  • Politely disagree.

    ‘that's your opinion—I beg to differ’
    • ‘The industry begs to differ, arguing that what we are witnessing is a cultural change and that the health and fitness club will remain an important part of the commercial property market.’
    • ‘I beg to differ in my reaction to it and in my opinion on the matters she raises in her letter.’
    • ‘Much of the rest of civilization begs to differ.’
    • ‘Danny, who has worked here for three years, begs to differ.’
    • ‘And if anyone assumes there is anything slapped together about it, he begs to differ.’
    • ‘You can't imagine there being a time when film wasn't part of her plans - although she begs to differ.’
    • ‘‘I don't think we're very good students anymore,’ she says; however, Carmen begged to differ.’
    • ‘A prominent Beverly Hills estate agent begged to differ; if the property could be subdivided, he felt it could attract offers of around $20m.’
    • ‘A great many economic historians have begged to differ.’
    • ‘‘This is obviously an extremely dangerous game,’ he opined, and none begged to differ.’
    protest, protest against, lodge a protest, lodge a protest against, express objections, raise objections, express objections to, raise objections to, express disapproval, express disapproval of, express disagreement, express disagreement with, oppose, be in opposition, be in opposition to, take exception, take exception to, take issue, take issue with, take a stand against, have a problem, have a problem with, argue, argue against, remonstrate, remonstrate against, make a fuss, make a fuss about, quarrel with, disapprove, disapprove of, condemn, draw the line, draw the line at, demur, mind, complain, complain about, moan, moan about, grumble, grumble about, grouse, grouse about, cavil, cavil at, quibble, quibble about