Definition of beggarticks in English:


plural noun

(also beggar's ticks)
often treated as singular
  • A plant of the daisy family with inconspicuous yellow flowers and small barbed fruit that cling to passing animals. Several kinds are widespread weeds.

    Also called bur marigold

    Genus Bidens, family Compositae: several species, in particular B. frondosa

    ‘For instance, dock and beggarticks often indicate wet soil, while thistles and mullein indicate a dry soil.’
    • ‘Hairy beggarticks can be found in thin turf and disturbed areas.’
    • ‘In our meadows and some of our wilder gardens, beggarticks have run rampant with all the rain we've had here in north Florida and the butterflies are loving it.’
    • ‘Let’s avoid watering the the Beggarticks excessively, always leaving the soil dry for a few days between one watering and the next.’



/ˈbeɡərˌtiks/ /ˈbɛɡərˌtɪks/


Mid 19th century (also as beggar's ticks): apparently from the resemblance of the seed pods to ticks.