Definition of behavior therapy in English:

behavior therapy


  • The treatment of neurotic symptoms by training the patient's reactions to stimuli.

    ‘Treatments include individual psychotherapy, family therapy, behavior therapy, and self-help groups.’
    • ‘It shows that behavior therapy for chronic insomnia should be a first-line treatment, which is currently not the case.’
    • ‘They include, behavior therapy, family therapy, school interventions particularly life-skills interventions, residential care, and non-hospital day programs.’
    • ‘Medication and/or behavior therapy should be started’
    • ‘Antidepressants may reduce symptoms in many cases, and behavior therapy, a psychological treatment, may help others.’
    • ‘Increasingly, the evidence suggests that combining drug therapy with cognitive behavior therapy can be effective.’
    • ‘Therapists skilled in cognitive behavior therapy can help you master this powerful technique.’
    • ‘No other medications were allowed during the trial and patients were not permitted to have behavior therapy.’
    • ‘Although cognitive behaviour therapy is a promising treatment, its application is limited by the number of available practitioners; few general practitioners have the necessary training.’
    • ‘One common treatment is cognitive behaviour therapy where the sufferer explores his fears and thoughts in social situations and is helped to develop effective coping strategies.’
    • ‘Coupled with weight management, exercise programmes and behaviour therapy, the two treatments have been shown to reduce weight.’
    • ‘Sometimes non-drug treatments such as cognitive behaviour therapy may also be used.’
    • ‘After successful weight loss, the likelihood of weight-loss maintenance is enhanced by a program consisting of dietary therapy, physical activity, and behavior therapy, which should be continued indefinitely.’
    • ‘But behavior therapy and family counseling are valuable complements to drug therapy.’
    • ‘Treatment may involve a combined approach including medications and behavior therapy designed to help you gain control of your anxiety.’
    • ‘There is accumulating evidence that cognitive behaviour therapy can result in significant clinical benefit to these patients.’
    • ‘Medication along with specific behaviour therapy is effective in controlling the symptoms.’
    • ‘Young drug users exposed to behavior therapy for 12 months achieve a mean of 8.9 drug-free months compared with 0.6 in the nonintervention group.’
    • ‘Fourth, the evidence for some interventions such as behavior therapy and counseling come from just one or two studies while others, such as family therapy and schools interventions, are based on a larger number of studies.’


behavior therapy

/bəˈhāvyər ˌTHerəpē/ /bəˈheɪvjər ˌθɛrəpi/ /bēˈhāvyər ˌTHerəpē/ /biˈheɪvjər ˌθɛrəpi/