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behavioral science

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  • The scientific study of human and animal behavior.

    ‘Through the introduction of the theory, he was instead proposing nothing short a scientific revolution for the entire field of human behavioral science.’
    • ‘They include dog massage, canine anatomy, behavioural science and dog psychology.’
    • ‘Psychologists underscored the importance of military-backed research in behavioral science.’
    • ‘In biology your focal point would probably be some problem in a subdiscipline such as anatomy, behavioral science, ecology, embryology, genetics, or physiology.’
    • ‘Between the 1950s and 1989, training in behavioral medicine and behavioral science was not provided in medical schools.’
    • ‘The importance of behavioral medicine and behavioral science in medical schools in both Europe and the United States is increasingly recognized.’
    • ‘Psychology holds unique promise for promoting understanding using behavioral science to advance public knowledge, while fighting the adverse effects of prejudice and ignorance.’
    • ‘Because of its complexity, behavioral medicine should become an integrated scientific field at the crossroads of the natural and social sciences; applying behavioral science in medicine can help realize this integration.’
    • ‘In popular behavioural science, evolution is routinely invoked to explain a vast array of behaviours, physiological characteristics, demographic patterns, and mortality data.’
    • ‘Mook has argued that in much behavioural science, obtaining generalizable results is not the primary research goal.’
    • ‘In general, they are still learning how to incorporate behavioral science into their practices.’
    • ‘This Cambridge Center site reports the very latest in behavioral science.’
    • ‘By using behavioral science, while raising the social and economic standing of many of our citizens, we all can look forward to a healthier nation.’
    • ‘Q. Can you elaborate on how behavioral science can be applied to these disorders?’
    • ‘You can't change a horse's instincts, but you can learn how to work with them, and the increasing interest in behavioural science and horse psychology is bound to boom.’
    • ‘He responded, ‘Yes, that's right, it's got a lot to do with social science, behavioural science, communication theory and market research.’’
    • ‘The staff who are drawn from various departments are given training in behavioural science and communication skills to ensure customer satisfaction.’
    • ‘Modern behavioural science has shown that our cognitive apparatus has considerably less influence over our actions than does our emotional machinery.’
    • ‘Now, people have a more prudent perspective of this branch of behavioural science and understand its validity.’


behavioral science

/bəˈhāvyərəl ˌsīəns/ /bəˈheɪvjərəl ˌsaɪəns/ /bēˈhāvyərəl ˌsīəns/ /biˈheɪvjərəl ˌsaɪəns/