Definition of behaviourally in English:


(US behaviorally)


See behavioural

  • ‘Well we are still learning about that and behavioural investigators have said for some time now that behaviourally people mature later than we thought.’
  • ‘But many people so diagnosed do not show such abnormalities, and many people who are behaviourally not violent do show them.’
  • ‘Lions in zoos are behaviourally quite a different matter, as you'd know: they're a social animal, they'll lie or eat and they'll play with each other and they work very well.’
  • ‘All this domestic stress tells on the child, both academically and behaviourally.’
  • ‘Although when she thought of it, he's changed a lot, if not behaviourally, physically, he was completely changed, save his dimples, his dark brown hair and his sky blue eyes.’