Definition of being in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbēiNG/ /ˈbiɪŋ/


  • 1Existence.

    • ‘the railroad brought many towns into being’
    • ‘the single market came into being in 1993’
    • ‘many factions remained in being’
    existence, living, life, animation, animateness, aliveness, reality, actuality, essential nature, lifeblood, vital force, entity
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    1. 1.1Being alive; living.
      ‘holism promotes a unified way of being’
      actuality, being, existing, reality, fact
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  • 2in singular The nature or essence of a person.

    ‘sometimes one aspect of our being has been developed at the expense of the others’
    soul, spirit, nature, essence, substance, entity, inner being, inner self, psyche
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  • 3A real or imaginary living creature or entity, especially an intelligent one.

    ‘alien beings’
    ‘a rational being’
    creature, life form, living entity, living thing, living soul, soul, individual, person, personage, human being, human, man, woman
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present participle of be



/ˈbēiNG/ /ˈbiɪŋ/