Definition of bejabbers in English:



(also bejabers)
another way of saying bejesus
‘It's always the same for the fast guy out on the wing: he can run like the bejabbers, so he must be a cream puff when it comes to tackling and the real rough and tumble.’
  • ‘For some reason, all of this has scared the bejabbers out of the Democrats.’
  • ‘You'd better not mess up my room or I'll beat the bejabbers outta you!’
  • ‘I didn't expect him until dinnertime. He just about scared the bejabbers out of me as he sneaked up behind me and burst into this sudden, uproarious laughter.’
  • ‘The Bucks still are infuriating, but they are talented enough offensively to scare the bejabbers out of anyone.’
  • ‘That way he'd scare the bejabbers out of her, and unnerve her to the point where she really WAS ready to cry.’
  • ‘Martin Roscoe plays the bejabbers out of his solo part in the piano concerto.’



/bəˈjabərz/ /bəˈdʒæbərz/


Early 19th century alteration of by Jesus.