Definition of bejewel in English:


transitive verbtransitive verb bejewels, transitive verb bejeweling, transitive verb bejeweled, transitive verb bejewelling, transitive verb bejewelled

[with object]
  • Cover or adorn with jewels.

    ‘in the days of royalty, they bejeweled the rulers with their fine creations’
    • ‘The bejewelled jade flask, probably from the Mughal imperial treasury, had been on loan from Mrs Schreiber to the Victoria and Albert Museum since 1963.’
    • ‘Literature-inspired cogitations, often wonderful, bejewel the narrative's temporal twists and turns.’
    • ‘An entourage implies money - how else could one clothe, bejewel and perfume a gaggle of models?’
    • ‘Among the items that were sold were a Faberge bejewelled gold-mounted cane.’
    • ‘The artist bejewels the babes, and transforms them into fashion models.’
    • ‘Palfi bejewels his film with lambent imagery and perfectly framed moments that threaten to overwhelm you with their simplicity.’
    • ‘Add some sparkly earrings and my hair curled and held back by a bejeweled hair clip, and I should be good to go.’
    • ‘It was the early seventies and there were a lot of black and white photos of models in bejeweled sweaters and knits infused with shimmery threads.’
    • ‘Even the emperor's throne, the bejeweled peacock throne of Shah Jahan, was packed on elephants and carried away to Persia.’
    • ‘Macdonald's delicately woven, bejeweled, scanty costumes were elevated to their very best effect by Balfour's exquisite lighting.’
    • ‘Edgardo, meanwhile, was quite overwhelmed by the frescoed apartments, bejeweled carriages, and luxurious vestments.’
    embellish, decorate, furnish, ornament, add ornament to, enhance



/bəˈjo͞oəl/ /bəˈdʒuəl/