Main definitions of bel in English

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  • A unit used in the comparison of power levels in electrical communication or of intensities of sound, corresponding to an intensity ratio of 10 to 1.

    See also decibel

    ‘The drives are rated at under 2.5 bels of acoustic power, the same level of acoustic noise produced by Seagate's PC drives.’
    • ‘Select a heat pump with an outdoor sound rating of 7.6 bels or lower.’
    • ‘The present invention is a computer chassis assembly that can adequately cool an electronic system which generates 450 watts of heat, without emitting cooling fan noise above 5 bels of sound power.’
    • ‘As for the acoustic characteristics of the drive it generates 2.4 bels of noise in the idle mode.’
    • ‘They are also exceptionally quiet, emitting just 2.1 bels of noise at idle.’



/bel/ /bɛl/


1920s from the name of A. G. Bell (see Bell, Alexander Graham).

Main definitions of Bel in English

: bel1Bel2


proper noun

another name for Baal



/bel/ /bɛl/